Maple Bear: Digital connection in times of pandemic

The challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic impacted several activities, particularly in the area of teaching. The use of social distancing protocols, necessary to contain contagion from the new coronavirus, drove a quest for non-face-to-face alternatives that would preserve the quality of the conventional model, during this period. Maple Bear, a network of kindergarten, elementary, and secondary schools, developed and put into practice, in just three weeks, the Digital Learning Community, which was a program that sought to guide teachers, students, and their families on their curricular activities.

It is an online learning community that includes digital tools for interaction, exclusive content, and educational activities. The program is structured in daily routines, which are guided by the teacher, so that families can develop activities at home. These routines are based on the provision of educators’ material, through which it is possible to plan these actions, and on the availability of digital tools, which enable daily remote communication between the school and the students’ families. Launched in the first half of 2020, the digital community remains active, connecting the school to students and their families, and including virtual meetings of Maple Bear Brazil groups with schools from countries such as Canada, South Korea, and Mexico.

With a network of 500 schools in 24 countries, 140 of which are in Brazil, Maple Bear provides excellent bilingual education to more than 40,000 children and young people. In addition, more than 2.8 million distance learning classes are conducted, positively evaluated by students and their families.

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*Source: Maple Bear