He started two companies in 3 years: the incentives to do business in Canada

During Brazil’s 2014 economic crisis, the lawyer from Goiás Leonardo Couto, partner of a law firm specialized in Social Security and Labor Laws, with four units in Palmas (TO) and three in Belém (PA), decided with his wife Rebeca that if they were able to overcome the difficulties they were facing, they would move out of the country with their two children. Leonardo, who has been living abroad for three years now, found that in addition to a new culture and new challenges, Canada provided an admirable opportunity to do business.

During this time, he took over two businesses in Vancouver. The first was a French coffee shop that has become a place that promotes Brazilian culture, where pão de queijo (cheese bread), tapioca, feijoada, pot pie, and other Brazilian foods. With its change of profile, the coffee shop was renamed Cafeoca Brazilian Bistro and created an area for national art exhibitions. Soon, it will also include live music.

Plenty of incentive to do business in Canada

Leonardo says that the Canadian government supports entrepreneurs from starting or buying a company until its effective start of operations. “We have free advice in all the areas we need, including support for the business plan,” he says. To amaze any fellow citizen, he adds that it is possible to start a business in a matter of one day.

And time indeed is something he has not wasted. Six months ago, Leonardo became a partner of Conexão Canadá, an agency that helped him through much of the procedures to complete his immigration process. Through the agency, he was able to get his documents in order, find a school for his children, a house, and an English course. Recently, Conexão Canadá opened a branch in Toronto and Taubaté, a city strategically positioned between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, where the entrepreneur sees high potential for prospecting customers.

With all these activities, Leonardo did not have time to miss his home country so much because his law firm is still in operation. This causes him and his wife, a nurse with a background in finance, to return to Brazil frequently to follow up on office activities. “I set up a structure that makes it easy to monitor a lot of things here, besides the periodic visits we make to Brazil,” he explains.

A member of CCBC for two years, the lawyer likes to visit the Chamber when in São Paulo even if no special events are being held. He makes new contacts through the institution. He meets other lawyers, importers, and exporters. His bistro’s first coffee supplier arrived via networking at CCBC. “When I bought the bistro, I had all the support I needed,” he recalls.

Learn other advantages of starting a business in Canada

One of the world’s best business environments
With clear legislation and less bureaucracy, the country is considered one of the best places in the world to do business.

High purchasing power
Canada’s average income ranges from USD 46,000 to USD 48,000, higher than many countries with larger populations. In Canada, it is easier to sell higher value-added products.

Purposeful companies stand out
Canadian consumers generally appreciate businesses with strong sustainability and social justice values that contribute to society.

Appreciation of immigrants
Canada is a country open to people with different backgrounds and cultures. It’s an environment willing to know the new.

Greater receptivity
In Canada, competition between companies is lower than in markets such as the US and China. A more pleasant scenario for companies that are coming to the country.