Dacolor presents a complete and integrated platform for digital and real product offerings in Brazil, Canada and the USA

Dacolor, specializing in integrated end-to-end strategies for business between Brazil and Canada, recently announced two initiatives that reinforce its proposal to always offer the best solutions to bring Brazilian and Canadian products closer to consumer markets in both countries. In early May, the company launched its new website, a complete and user-friendly platform, which will give business greater visibility. On another front, Dacolor also signed a partnership with the company Amazônia32, aimed at creating assertive e-commerce initiatives.

In an increasingly digital world, but with real consumption, Dacolor intends to expand the range of solutions in multiple ways and enable its customers to have an integrated strategy across all channels, customizing omnichannel projects for physical and digital distribution in Brazil, Canada and United States.

Find out more about Dacolor at https://dacolor.ca/