The Chamber has now arrived in new cities in Brazil and Canada celebrating 2019 numbers

Companies’ interest in the Brazil-Canada exchange goes far beyond optimism about the growth of the Brazilian economy, or the likable image of a Canada that supports technology and diversity. At CCBC, which celebrates the historic milestone of 200 members, this growing interest was also driven by varied strategies to stimulate new business.

One of the fastest-growing actions in recent years was the geographic expansion of the Chamber’s activities. In Brazil, the institution is a constant presence throughout the country as it participates in fairs and congresses and organizes roadshows. CCBC recently welcomed new members from the states of Goiás, Espírito Santo, and Paraná, as a result of several activities carried out outside the traditional Rio-SP hub.

The capillarity of the Chamber’s actions has increased its reach even in Canada. CCBC’s own office, opened about a year ago in Montreal, is active almost every month and, in addition to being a point of support for members, is a hub of opportunities for foreign trade including several regions of Canada.

Content: In 2019, the Chamber consolidated itself as one of the main sources of information for investments in Brazil and Canada.

Strong research and market intelligence work are shared through videos, podcasts, e-books, technical articles, and other materials for free to the public, many of which are also available in English. In total, CCBC had 88 publications in 2019.

In turn, all members have access to exclusive content and activities, such as sector commissions. In a combination of benchmarking and networking, the committees bring together companies with common interests, discuss cases, and invite guests who lead the future of corporations in areas such as technology, health innovation, mining, economic affairs, and others.

Commercial and cultural approach

In the cultural field, one of the highlights of the Chamber’s institutional performance in 2019 was the Olhares Cruzados Project, which honors two cities – one Brazilian and one Canadian – in each of its editions with a photography exhibition in Brazil and Canada and a picture book. Until last year, two annual photography exhibitions were organized, a number that was increased to 18 exhibitions this year. Previous exhibitions were also hosted in São Paulo subway stations and in other capital cities in both countries. In this new phase, Olhares Cruzados reached over 14 million people.

Check out other highlights of CCBC’s performance in 2019:

  • Historical milestone of 200 members!
  • 75 new members in 2019
  • 18% growth from 2018
  • 34% conversion rate on submitted membership proposals
  • Doubled the number of Canadian members
  • 36% more sector commission activities
  • 330% growth in CCBC publications