Canada with you

There are more than 100 immigration programs: which one fits your profile?

Since 2008, when he moved with his wife to Canada, Eduardo Flit has always been a reference for friends who wanted information about the country. Excited by his international experience, he started writing a blog to help people who wish to live in Canada for a while or move for good. As of 2014, with the worsening of the crisis in Brazil, the sporadic emails that he received with doubts of the readers went up to about 30 per month. Faced with so many messages, Eduardo realized that the idea of the blog could become a business.

In 2017 Canadá com Você (Canada with You) was founded. “A person can choose from more than 100 immigration programs, each with its own requirements and peculiarities”, says the entrepreneur. According to him, the choice of the program appropriate to the profile of each one represents savings of time and money, besides increasing the probability of success of the candidates.


According to Eduardo, “even the choice of the course of English varies according to the student’s goals”


Canada with You assists a varied audience, ranging from student looking for exchange programs to a couple who needs to find school for their children, or apartment for rent. The assistance covers the listing of real estate brokers and other service providers who live in Canada and speak Portuguese. “Even the choice of an ideal language course may vary according to the student’s goals. There are courses, for example, for older, younger, business-focused people or those who want to continue their studies at a college”, explains Eduardo.

One of the main differentials of his company are the immigration consultants, who have advantages over non-certified dispatchers. These licensed professionals are experts in Canada and give full support during the process. This includes gathering the required documentation, contacting Canadian authorities, and guiding on how to write a letter of intent to the local government. “Our work does not end at the airport in Canada. A good part of it is just starting there”, says the company’s founder.

Eduardo sees the CCBC as a partner to foster business and conduct market research. Since October, he has held immigration shifts at the organization’s headquarters, providing closer service to people with an interest in living in Canada – which is a high number. His company’s page on Facebook had a fast growth and today has more than 30 thousand followers.

The next immigration shifts will be on November 21 and 29 and December 13.