Brazilian producer closer to the Canadian market

Canada’s largest food and beverage fair is the perfect environment for producers who have an appetite for new markets. Last year, Sial brought together some 850 exhibitors and 15,000 buyers from approximately 60 countries, in a perfect climate for new connections and business. This is the scenario of opportunities that will receive another CCBC business mission in 2019.

One of the differentials of the Chamber’s traditional mission is that in addition to bringing the Brazilian producer closer to the Canadian market there is an important focus on the experience. In addition to B2B meetings and participation in the fair, the program provides tasting dinners with national products for buyers and influencers in Canada to get a taste of Brazilian flavors. In these occasions the exporter has the chance to be face to face with potential customers to talk about the products. The menu will be prepared by chef Mariana Valentini.

CCBC’s activities show that there is also space in the food and beverage market for the participation of small and medium-sized companies. It was from the institution’s work to promote fresh fruit exports that Brazilian companies of this size – including the small rural producer – expanded their reach. In 18 months old and new associates went from 440 pounds of figs exported to more than 100 metric tons of varied fruits such as avocado, atemoya, lychee, papaya, kaki and lemon.

In addition to fruits like these, among the highlights of the products that the participants of the mission will present in Canada are fish and typical Brazilian items, such as açaí palm and cupuaçu.