Alambique Brasil is awarded the second place in the ExpoCachaça Contest

Cachaça Ouro Amburana, manufactured by Cachaçaria Alambique Brasil, conquered the silver medal in the contest promoted in November 2020 by the ExpoCachaça fair organization. As a consequence of the safety protocols regarding Covid-19, the event, which has been annually held in Belo Horizonte (MG) since 1998 and is considered the largest in the country, was postponed to April 2021. Thus, this was the first opportunity in which the ExpoCachaça Contest was held separately from the main event.

With registration of brands from 16 states, this ninth edition of the ExpoCachaça Contest was held in conjunction with Associação Brasileira de Sommeliers (ABS) (Brazilian Association of Sommeliers), Laboratório Amazile Biagioni Maia (LABM), with the partnerships of Distribuidora Savana, which received the samples, Água Goya, Garrafaria Serra Negra, and Hotel Íbis Afonso Pena.

About 500 samples were blind analyzed by the jury and disputed for prizes in the seven categories of the contest: white, stored in foreign wood, stored in Brazilian wood, wood blends, special crops, mixed drinks with cachaça, and other distillates produced in Brazil. Cachaça Ouro Amburana was awarded second place in the category of beverages stored in woods from Brazil.

Founded in 2017, Cachaçaria Alambique Brasil is located in Ortigueira ( State of Paraná), and produces cachaças, gins, and mixed drinks. Its premises include mills, alembics, vats, ripening barrels, bottlers, and other equipment, which are used by a labor force trained by specialists in the production of beverages.

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*Source: Cachaçaria Alambique Brasil and ExpoCachaça