4.0 Brazilian Advocacy with a Canadian Touch

The digitization of the most different areas of activity is a reality today – and has become more present in people’s daily lives from 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic led to a more expressive adherence to digital solutions. The provision of legal services could not be an exception – and David & Athayde Advogados confirms this by launching D&A Online, an online legal solutions platform for businesses.

The initiative gives the office the agility and practicality of startups, enabling clients to bring their entire journey to the virtual environment. Through the platform, companies will be able to contract services, ask questions with the firm’s lawyers and share the information necessary for the continuation of services – all in the same online environment.

The system was developed by Canadian LegalTech Lex Start, which has extensive experience in developing technological solutions for that market.

More information at online.da.adv.br