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Série de vídeos com cases de sucesso de projetos desenvolvidos pela CCBC. Os temas abrangem nichos diferentes setores, explorando as oportunidades de negócios entre Brasil e Canadá.
Aproveite todo potencial comercial entre os dois países!

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BMA clarifies doubts about elections

BMA clarifies doubts about elections

The approximation of elections date in Brazil opens a period of caution for companies. A series of legal regulations guide several aspects related to the theme, such as the donation of resources to candidates or parties, or the practice of political advertising in the workplace, among others. In addition, many organizations do not know how to approach the subject in their internal compliance policies.

Tech Solutions launches new data analysis tool

Tech Solutions launches new data analysis tool

The importance of data analysis for companies is becoming increasingly decisive in their strategic planning process. Therefore, a precise process that can be used intuitively by its users, with the possibility of automating tasks, becomes essential.

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Leaders of Tomorrow Wanted

Leaders of Tomorrow Wanted

Succeeding in increasingly complex scenarios requires learning to learn constantly. Examples of those already on this path may help.
By Estela Cangerana.


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