Quick Market Facts

Produced by CCBC’s Commercial Intelligence and Marketing departments, Quick Market Facts quickly and assertively brings together key information from potential markets to expand business between Brazil and Canada. With each issue, the series addresses the essential content of a specific industry.

The studies are available in infographic and video formats and can be accessed on any device.

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Pocket Interview with Members

Paulo Perrotti, Presidente da CCBC, entrevista nossos associados que contam um pouco sobre como atuam no mercado.

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Cases de Sucesso CCBC

Série de vídeos com cases de sucesso de projetos desenvolvidos pela CCBC. Os temas abrangem nichos diferentes setores, explorando as oportunidades de negócios entre Brasil e Canadá.
Aproveite todo potencial comercial entre os dois países!

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At full throttle

CCBC services to its members and actions to bring Brazil and Canada closer together continue to operate remotely, respecting the rules of social distancing  Empty offices, crowded hospitals, and many uncertainties. The reality that turned the streets of the largest...

Business in sight

Companies are preparing for business activation after the coronavirus crisis. Brazil and Canada are the focus of several of them, which are becoming members of CCBC  By Sérgio Siscaro The uncertainties brought by the Covid-19 pandemic to the world are causing very...

CCBC Articles 

7 tips not to get lost in Brazilian taxation

Paying attention to some important points can help entrepreneurs and investors interested in operating in Brazil By Estela Cangerana Indeed, Brazil is a country with a quite complex and unique tax system. But it is also one of the ten largest economies in the world,...

Canada: promising market for Brazilian fruit

The country is in the sights of Abrafrutas and ApexBrasil to leverage exports over the next two years By Sérgio Siscaro If the complexity of foreign trade still scares many Brazilian companies with export potential, the situation is even more delicate when it comes to...

Technology at the service of health

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence can streamline medical examination analysis and make hospitals more effective.  By Sérgio Siscaro Fast diagnosis of diseases is an essential condition for effective treatment. In Brazil, however, test analysis often takes time,...


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