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President Paulo Perrotti interviews our CCBC members who share how their businesses work.

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Cases de Sucesso CCBC

Série de vídeos com cases de sucesso de projetos desenvolvidos pela CCBC. Os temas abrangem nichos diferentes setores, explorando as oportunidades de negócios entre Brasil e Canadá.
Aproveite todo potencial comercial entre os dois países!

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Data Analysis in Mining

Data Analysis in Mining

QDOIS Data Intelligence, a company specialized in data management and solutions development, has just implemented data analytics tools for Aura Minerals, a multinational mid-tier company operating in gold and copper production, with presence in Brazil, USA, Honduras and Mexico.

CCBC Articles 

Get ready for a new world

Get ready for a new world

Mind reading, brain reprogramming, traumatic memory alterations: new technologies allow the advancement of neuroscience beyond science fiction films By Estela Cangerana An artificial intelligence system enters people's minds, creates the illusion of a real world, and...


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