Coordinator: Luis Sergio Castro e Silva e Ricardo Meireles

The Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS) is one of the largest and most complex public health systems in the world, designed to serve a population of more than 200 million inhabitants. The enormous demand made the Brazilian market a very attractive business for the private sector as well. Medical appointments, exams, preventive actions, treatments and medicines move a massive industry. According to the most recent statistics from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), there is an upward trend in the consumption of goods and services related to healthcare, which reached R$ 546 billion in 2015.

The extremely promising scenario for new solutions has led to a growing number of healthtechs – startups that use technology to create innovative products and services for the health industry, whether in prevention, diagnosis or treatment. Investors around the world have been looking closely at them. The Health Tech market, which is already a global trend, is gaining ground in Brazil.

In Canada, the favourable environment allowed for the establishment of an integrated innovation ecosystem and a strong value chain in the health sector. Investments in R&D, partnerships between educational institutions and the private sector, and government incentives enabled the development and implementation of new solutions and products.

Binational research with Brazil could enrich, optimize and boost health innovation and expand greatly the consumer market for new solutions in both countries. There are also great opportunities for the exchange of information and the supply of raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry.

All these cooperation possibilities have been explored and promoted by CCBC’s Health Innovation Committee since its foundation in 2018. Formed by doctors, pharmacists, researchers, regulatory experts and companies in industry, the Committee promotes periodic meetings to discuss the bilateral outlook in the life sciences sector and identify opportunities in the Canadian and Brazilian markets. Another strategy of the Committee to promote bilateral exchanges is the participation in trade shows, congresses and the organization of seminars and various events to connect key players in the sector. In parallel, exclusive publications are produced to provide information and address relevant topics in the sector which affect the relations between Brazil and Canada, such as the current discussion on the medicinal use of the cannabis plant and the progress in gene therapy research.

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