Coordination: Marcio Francesquini

Brazil and Canada have been important business partners. Brazilian investments in Canada have followed the same trend of expansion in recent years. Between 2006 and 2016, Brazil’s investment flow to Canada increased by 82%, from CAD$ 12.8 billion to CAD$ 23.4 billion – thus accounting for 96.8% of the investments in South America to Canada. In 2017, Brazil was the 7th largest investor in Canada, with CAD$ 18.2 billion. Conversely, Canada was the 13th largest investor in Brazil, with CAD$ 11.6 billion.

The Infrastructure and Investment Commission (CII) aims to identify and promote trade opportunities between Brazil and Canada in a comprehensive manner, in various sectors of the economies of both countries. One of these sectors is infrastructure, which demands high volumes of investments in Brazil and which can benefit from Canadian expertise in developing and executing projects, both in heavy and technological infrastructure – and in areas especially linked to Smart Cities: urban mobility, public safety, internet of things (IoT), renewable energy, solid waste management, etc.

Companies in Brazil are now in a very favorable position to accelerate internationalization processes, or participate in mergers and acquisitions with foreign partners. The establishment of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) contracts should gain momentum, especially in projects aimed at expanding infrastructure projects. In addition, growth in the use of Internet-of-Things solutions in the country should benefit considerably from Canadian expertise in this area, as there is great potential for growth of this technology not only in large urban centers, but also in rural areas, industry of base, in the relations of consumption and in the use of IoT based on blockchain.

Through the IIC, the CCBC promotes the exchange of information, brings together entrepreneurs from both countries, promotes lectures, supports seminars and other initiatives to create business and investment opportunities. In addition, the Commission shares knowledge of the legal and sectoral characteristics of Brazil and Canada, which are indispensable for business decision-making.


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