Canada com você

There are more than 100 immigration programs: which one fits your profile? Since 2008, when he moved with his wife to Canada, Eduardo Flit has always been a reference for friends who wanted information about the country. Excited by his international experience, he...

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Bénéfiq 2018

News from one of the world’s leading nutrition and health events Promote advances in biotechnology, scientific development, sustainability and new business. This is the proposal of Bénéfiq, an event that takes place every two years in the city of Quebec and presents...

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Improvements in relationship with associates As of this month, the CCBC begins to implement an advanced information system for the areas of Business Development and Business Intelligence. This system will contribute to our team in the relationship with CAM-CCBC...

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Internationalization of the investment platform will begin in Canada. The XP Group simplified and democratized the way of investing in Brazil, gaining over 700 thousand active clients in 12 years. In these years, the Group has always been at the forefront of a...

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Platform gathers more than 2 thousand sources of information in a few seconds One of the biggest assets of a company is information, but usually information is scattered, without any possibility of analysis – and that is where the work of Uplexis is born. Its teams...

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Canada House

The CCBC will promote lectures during the São Paulo Tech Week The CCBC believes in technology as a solution for companies and cities that will be responsible for organizing two events at SP Tech Week – technology week held by the city hall. They are the São Paulo...

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Inside the Elevator

Startups will have up to 60 seconds to convince investors in event If you found a big investor unexpectedly in the elevator, how long would it take to convince him to believe in your startup? Certainly, not much. And it is this premise that moves the São Paulo...

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Toronto visits Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian and Canadian present their cities in photographic exhibition   “If they called me to live in Toronto I would get my four cats and move the next day”. That’s what Ana Rodrigues answered when asked if she liked the experience of photographing in the largest...

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Olhares Cruzados – Entrevista com Paulo de Castro Reis

Em entrevista à rádio Rio de Janeiro, no programa Manhã na Rio, o diretor de relações institucionais da CCBC, Paulo de Castros Reis, fala sobre a exposição "Olhares Cruzados - Imagens de duas Culturas: Rio de Janeiro - Toronto". A mostra está em exibição no Arquivo...

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