For 50 years, bringing people and business together.

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Panel 1 | The Arrival of the Sustainability Era - September 18th

Actions taken by Brazilian and Canadian companies regarding climate change, steps toward Carbon Zero, Sustainable Development Goals (UN’s 2030 agenda), circular economy, green hydrogen, technologies applied for solutions to these issues, key challenges, and best practices.

Panel Members:


Panel 2 | The Management of the Future (CEOs Panel) - September 18th

This panel aims to analyze the relationship between companies and employees in a scenario of constant change. The importance of interaction between corporate entities and their employees, with a particular emphasis on diversity and inclusion. By understanding emerging principles and social values, we strive to highlight ways in which companies can harmonize these multifaceted concepts, also mentioning this new way of working that brings generations together.

The goal is to envision the future image of the organization and the operational scenario in this better way of living and working that the world seems to be seeking today, addressing digital transformation, the issue of digital nomads, the pursuit of results, etc.

Panel Members:


Panel 3 | Technology and Innovation Applied to Business - September 19th

Open Innovation and Collaborative Economy
New Technologies and Their Relationship with Business Development and the Current Economy

Panel Members:


Panel 4 | Investments: A Look at the Next 50 Years - September 19th

The Importance of Investment in Brazil and Canada.
Investment Drivers for Pension Funds.
Canada-Mercosur Agreement and Bilateral Relations. Future Trends.

Panel Members:


September 18th and 19th

An event to rethink and transform the present and future of business! A dynamic forum with key market leaders and decision-makers discussing compelling topics such as sustainability, technology and innovation, future management, and investments!

Coquetel de celebração

September 19th

50 years bringing business and people together! The celebration will be historic and inspiring. CCBC will bring together partners, members, and collaborators for a cocktail reception with plenty of networking and relaxation. A significant milestone for everyone who has been part of this journey and contributes to the next 50 years!

Exclusive event for members


June 15th

An event about opportunities, impacts, and trends in the economic relationship between Brazil and Canada! Discussions about Brazil’s new government, cooperation actions, and opportunities for increasing productivity and reducing costs for Brazilian and Canadian companies!

July 4th and 5th

An event to internationalize careers and promote businesses! Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st, and to mark the occasion, CCBC will present tips on studying, immigration, and internationalizing business for students and entrepreneurs!


CCBC enters 2023 ready to celebrate its Golden Jubilee, renewing its commitment to promoting relations between Brazil and Canada and fostering economic and social development. The guideline of a complete focus on the leadership of our members is, more than ever, the reason and purpose for all the effort we put into innovation, transparency, and operational excellence.
It is an honor to preside over the institution at this special moment, and it is my responsibility to remind everyone that we have come this far thanks to important steps taken over the years, in this and previous administrations. We have worked on continuous improvements in our structure, services, member support, and actions in various sectors, all based on a solid strategic plan. All of this is to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the Chamber’s work in the face of the challenges ahead.

Ronaldo Ramos
President of CCBC

The 50 years of CCBC

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