Quality Policy

CAM-CCBC was a pioneer in obtaining its Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 standard in 2004. The international seal confirmed the quality of the Center’ administration of arbitral proceedings. Since then CAM-CCBC has been constantly in compliance with the requirements of such standard by means of annual audits carried out by SGS, an independent certification company.

After the 2019 audit, apart from the renewal of the certification concerning the administration of arbitral proceedings, CAM-CCBC obtained the certification for the administration of other dispute resolution methods, e.g. mediation, dispute boards and CCRD, valid through 04 January 2023. With this approval, the Center renews its pioneering spirit with the restructuring and expansion of its Quality Management System.

CAM-CCBC Quality Policy

Provide, regardless of origin, nationality or affiliation to the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce, the administration of adequate dispute resolution methods in accordance with its own regulation and applicable legislation.

CAM-CCBC’s pillars are: impartiality, independence, efficiency, transparency and continuous improvement of the Management System.

About the Satisfaction Survey

The Survey is conducted annually to monitor users’ satisfaction with the administration services of the appropriate dispute resolution methods provided by the Center. Based on the survey, action plans for continuous improvement of services are created by the CAM-CCBC team based on the pillars of the Center’s Quality Policy.

The graph below shows the rate of user participation in the survey year by year:

participants in 2017

participants in 2018

participants in 2019

1. Infrastructure

The graph below shows satisfaction with the physical facilities of the Center, which are offered at no additional cost to the Parties, including spaces, audiovisual and computer resources, among others:

2. Cordiality, promptness, and knowledge of employees

In the aforementioned criterion, the work of the eight Executive Secretariats of CAM-CCBC is evaluated, teams consisting of two professionals responsible for administering the proceeding:

3. Impartiality of employees and equal treatment of parties and Counsels

Impartiality is one of the pillars of CAM-CCBC’s performance and satisfaction regarding this criterion is shown in the graph below:

4. Transparency of the procedures adopted by CAM-CCBC

CAM-CCBC continuously develops new transparency mechanisms, based on another of its pillars of action. See below the satisfaction related to this criterion:

5. General comparison of CAM-CCBC with other centers for arbitration

Finally, find below the satisfaction index regarding the performance of CAM-CCBC in comparison to other service providers:




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