Preparation for the world’s leading academic arbitration competition

The CAM-CCBC is part of the preparatory course for Willem C. Vis Moot, the world’s leading academic Arbitration competition held annually in Vienna, Austria, and in Hong Kong in its Vis Moot East version. Since 2010, the Center organizes Pre-Moots, pre-competition meetings in which it simulates the students’ participation in the event.


This year, the CAM’s Pre-Moot will be held in partnership with Demarest Advogados, on February 16 and 17, with 32 teams from nine Brazilian states and Argentina already registered. Each team normally has between five and ten students.


In addition to helping college graduates, Pre-Moot is a way to encourage arbitration studies and raise awareness of alternative dispute resolution. Not to mention the prizes that help defray travel expenses for the competition. The top three places earn R$ 35 thousand, R$ 30 thousand and R$ 25 thousand, respectively.


Among the advantages of participating in the Pre-Moot, it is possible to test students’ emotional readiness to discuss the case in public and receive feedback on criteria such as subject matter, knowledge of the law and tranquility in exposing arguments.


The case presented to Pre-Moot participants is the same as the main competition. The arbitrators of the final of the preparatory stage will be Carlos Forbes, president of the CAM-CCBC; Celso Xavier, member of Litigation and Arbitration of Demarest Advogados; and the renowned jurist and teacher Ingeborg Schwenzer.


CAM-CCBC in Germany


Another city that will host a Pre-Moot is Hamburg, Germany. The edition, known as the 3rd CAM-CCBC Hanseatic Pre-Moot, is supported by the Center and will feature training and panels held in parallel at 14 law firms throughout April 10.


Two events will also be part of the initiative. The day before, April 9, there will be the ‘Arbitration in the Age of Technology’ event, at Bucerius University, also in Hamburg. The event will bring together experts, who will deal with technological innovations in the field of alternative methods of dispute resolution.


Still taking advantage of the students and professionals who will be present in Hamburg, on April 8 Bucerius University will host the event ‘Competition Between Cross-Border Dispute Settlement Mechanisms: Domestic Courts, Arbitration and International Commercial Courts’ organized by the Center for International Dispute Resolution and Luther, which addresses the different dispute resolution options.


The CAM-CCBC has been the main supporter of Brazilian universities in arbitration competitions, sponsoring teams and organizing or supporting Pre-Moots. Willem C. Vis Moot will be held from April 12 to 18.