AR 23/2016

2017 Calendar

Ref.: 2017 Calendar

The President of the CAM-CCBC (“Center for Arbitration and Mediation of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada”), exercisingits powers under Article 2.6(c) of the CAM-CCBC Arbitration Rules, approved on September 1st, 2011, with the amendments approved on April 28th 2016,, informs that the CAM-CCBC will not work on the following dates of 2017:


Day of the Week
01/25/2017 Wednesday São Paulo Anniversary
02/27/2017 Monday Carnival
02/28/2017 Tuesday Carnival
03/01/2017 Wednesday Ash Wednesday
04/14/2017 Friday Good Friday
04/21/2017 Friday
05/01/2017 Monday Labor Day
06/15/2017 Thursday Corpus Christi
06/16/2017 Friday (extend the holiday) Corpus Christi
09/07/2017 Thursday Independence Day
09/08/2017 Friday (extend the holiday) Independence Day
10/12/2017 Thursday Our Lady of Aparecida
10/13/2017 Friday (extend the holiday) Nossa Senhora Aparecida
11/02/2017 Thursday All Souls’ Day
11/03/2017 Friday (extend the holiday) All Souls’ Day
11/15/2017 Wednesday Proclamation of the Republic
11/20/2017 Monday Black Awareness Day


Working days will be those in which the CAM-CCBC opens. In case of notices, communications or other actions carried out on a day when the CAM-CCBC does not open, they will be considered as carried out on the next working day.

Likewise, deadlines with due maturity on a non-working day at the CAM-CCBC will be extended to the first following working day[1], according to Article 6.6.2[2] of the Rules.

In addition, to better organize the work, we also inform that the CAM-CCBC will be in recess from December 20, 2017 until January 7, 2018. All deadlines will be suspended during the period, being effective again on January 8, 2018 (Monday).


Day of the week
Start 12/21/2017 Wednesday
End 01/07/2018 Monday


São Paulo, December 20, 2016.

Carlos Suplicy de Figueiredo Forbes

President of CAM-CCBC

[1] Thus, for example, if the notice is received on a non-working day, such as Saturday or Sunday, for the purpose of counting the term, it will be considered as received on the next working day, usually Monday.


[2] CAM-CCBC Regulation, Article 6.6.2. The period up to the first working day will be extended if the maturity falls on a day when the CAM-CCBC is closed.